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The Value of Roaze Goes Beyond Just Tissues - It's a Way of Life!


Introducing the Ultimate Wipes Experience in Singapore, Exclusively from ITOT Workbench!

We're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership that will redefine hygiene and convenience across Singapore! ITOT Workbench has secured an exclusive distribution contract with Roaze, the pioneers of multipurpose wipes based in Taiwan!

👉 Upgrade Hygiene: Elevate your hygiene routine with wipes that cater to your various needs effortlessly.

👉 Simplify Life: Embrace the convenience of multipurpose wipes that tackle different tasks with ease.

👉 Experience Roaze: Discover why Roaze is trusted by many for its quality and versatility.


A Message from a Mother: 

"I've experienced the tug-of-war between dreams and reality, and after starting work, I chose my favorite hobby as my profession. I was fortunate enough to travel for work as part of company projects, blurring the lines between work and life. Thanks to my job, life for me became simple and minimalistic.

After getting married, I naturally embraced motherhood, centering my life around my child. Witnessing my child's growth every day brings me the greatest joy. I aspire to give him the best of everything. Taking care of a child's skin is different, so I'm particularly meticulous in my choices.

Roaze's tissue, with zero added ingredients, reduces diaper rash symptoms and leaves my child's skin clean. The sensation of softness and comfort is profoundly felt. For someone who travels frequently like me, it's a perfect companion in life. Their expertise in medical backgrounds also reassures me, and their products are eco-friendly.

I choose the safest tissues for my child and items that elevate my quality of life. When I see the smile touched by the tissue, I know it's all worth it."