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Miniware | Perfect Foodware for your Mini one!

We are proud to announce ITOT is now official Distributor for Miniware in Singapore!

Story of Miniware

Both passionate for design and family, Miniware is the creation of husband and wife design duo Adam and Ai Su Bonner. Upon the birth of their first child in 2013., both parents longed for a better eating solution for their little one, something functional, beautiful, all-natural and eco-friendly. Don’t forget long lasting! They wanted a product that could evolve with their child’s development. Finding the current options in children’s dishwater inadequate, together they created Miniware. 

Accompanying children to learn and grow is their creative motivation, Miniware thinks about sustainability from the source of design. Their best selling PLA tableware is made of decomposable plant-based materials, which are safe, non-toxic and durable. Each product is functional, allowing novice parents to use them intuitively and to help children learn to eat on their own. The modern appearance and calm colours, combined with a long product lifespan, give parents and babies an effortless experience at mealtime with easy and relaxing dining. 


100% Plant Based PLA

PLA stands for polylactic acid which is derived solely from plants. The process of PLA starch is extracted from plants, then the starch is converted into glucose and prepared into lactic acid. Finally, the raw materials are crystallized in the mold with cutting-edge manufacturing technology to produce a durable, natural baby bowl made of PLA.

PLA is an excellent choice for parents seeking durable and fashionable babyware which is both environmentally and socially responsible.


Miniware Silicone Material

100% food-grade silicone. Our raw materials are ethically sourced from South Korea. Miniware’ssilicone has Passed FDA & LFGB safety certifications, and is free of PVC and BPA.

Silicone material is temperature-resistant -40 ~ 230 degrees and is fine for use in the microwave, dishwasher, freezer, but non- UV sterilizer.

  • can use general sterilizer
  • can use the dishwasher
  • can use a dish dryer
  • can use microwave oven
  • can put in the frozen



Grow Bento

304 Stainless steel with polished finish or food grade durable coating, comes with Food Grade Silicone Leak-proof Silipods.


  PLA Silicone Stainless Stell
Heating Temperature 70ºC↓ -40~230ºC 200ºC↓
Durability May crack under heavy pressure Drop resistant Gently use the products to avoid any scratches on the surface
Microware X O X
Steam X O O
UV Steriliser X X O
Freezing X O X
Dishwasher O O Recommend handwash to avoid scratches


Product FAQ

Q: What’s so special about PLA?
PLA stands for polylactic acid which is derived solely from plants. No chemicals are used in the manufacturing of our PLA, making it 100% plant-based, food-safe, and non-toxic even when breaking down after disposal. We carefully select PLA raw materials to ensure that the source is renewable and the finished product is safe for growing babies and the environment.

PLA is an excellent choice for parents seeking durable and fashionable babyware which is both environmentally and socially responsible.

Reasons why plant-based PLA is ideal for Miniware:

  • The harvest can be regenerated every year without wasting the earth’s resources.
  • It is non-genetically modified, to prevent agricultural monopolies and environmental damage.
  • It meets the standards of social and environmental responsibility: respects human rights and labor standards, and improves sustainability while actively managing biodiversity.

Q: Is there any difference between Miniware’s PLA and traditional PLA?
Starch is extracted from plants, then the processed starch is converted into glucose and prepared into lactic acid. Finally, the raw materials are crystallized in the mold with cutting-edge manufacturing technology to produce a durable, natural baby bowl made of PLA.

Q: Is PLA unbreakable?
PLA is extracted from plant starch. The material hardness is about the same as the hardness of coins and copper plates (3H-4H). It’s not easy to damage Miniware when dropped from a height of about one meter. However, there is still a chance of damage if it is dropped from a high place to a hard surface or if it is dropped repeatedly.

Miniware dishes should not be used if they become damaged.

Q: Are there expiration dates on PLA products? 
The PLA series does not have a special expiration date. Just like ordinary bowls, it will be different according to the user’s usage habits and storage methods. If they are washed and dried after use and the proper sterilization and heating specifications are followed. 

Q: Can Miniware be sterilized by UV sterilizer? 
No, PLA dishes cannot be sterilized by UV sterilizer. 

Our tableware is made of 100% natural plant material. UV sterilizers will discolor and eventually break down Miniware PLA or silicone tableware. Consumers are advised not to use UV sterilizer to protect the natural materials of tableware and extend the lifetime of the products. 

Q: What are the raw materials of Miniware silicone tableware?
100% food grade silicone. Our raw materials are ethically sourced from South Korea. Miniware’s silicone has Passed FDA & LFGB safety certifications, and are free of  PVC and BPA.

Q: Why did Miniware choose silicone materials for its tableware? What are the advantages and disadvantages of silicone material?
Silicone is a very convenient material for today’s busy, modern parents.. It can be used in dishwashers, the heated dry cycle,  a microwave, or with steam sterilization, or even frozen. This gives parents many options when it comes to preparing, serving and saving leftover baby foods. 

Compared with other materials used in children’s tableware, silicone material is more resistant to dropping and falling. Soft, supple silicone won’t hurt a baby’s delicate skin or gums. The MINIWARE silicone Training Spoon is suitable for babies to use before teething and is the perfect introduction to cutlery for new self-feeders. 

“Silicone” is a material with pores, so compared with other materials, it is easier to absorb dust and dander. Dirty silicone can sometimes feel “sticky.” We recommend that parents use the effective cleaning methods outlined below to solve this problem.

Q: The silicone tableware I bought has a strange smell. Is this normal? Are there chemicals?
Silicone will have a smell after processing. We recommended disinfecting all silicone products prior to first use to reduce this normal odor and ensure a sanitized surface for your baby. Soak in boiling water for 30 seconds or very hot water for 10 minutes. 

Q: Is there an expiration date for silicone series products?
There is no special expiration date for silicone products, which may vary according to the user’s usage habits and storage methods.

In order to extend the lifespan and the color, we recommend cleaning as soon as possible after use. Do not soak in oily or dirty water for a long time after eating. Please use neutral/natural cleaners and non-abrasive sponges for cleaning. Do not use UV sterilizer, and avoid prolonged sun exposure. Air dry and store in a cool, dry place. 

Q: The difference in stainless steel grades, which grade do we use?
GrowBento uses 304 because it is the most suitable for making tableware.

304 and 316 stainless steel are both appropriate however 316 is a medical grade stainless steel. Because it contains one more molybdenum (Mo) element than 304 stainless steel, it is more corrosion-resistant, stronger, and more expensive. It is usually used in medical-related industries.

Q: Is the outer layer of the bento box prone to scratches? Will it dent if it falls on the ground?
The stainless steel bright surface treatment will inevitably gain scratches over time, but it does not affect the use. We do not use fasteners that may scratch or cause additional wear. The surface is durable but may dent if dropped from a height. Use care when handling and your box will look great for a long time.

Q: Can I heat my Grow Bento box?
The bento box can be steamed (recommended within 200 degrees), or it can be heated on an induction cooker, but please note that it cannot be heated in a microwave oven.

Q: How to clean the bento box? Can I use a UV sterilizer?
You can use ultraviolet disinfection, the dishwasher, or use a general neutral detergent and clean with a sponge. However, it is not recommended to use a metal brush, which may scratch the surface.