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Health Tips 2.0: What are truly eco-friendly and non-toxic silicone utensils?

Lightweight and easy to carry, microwave, freezer, steam sterilization, or electric pot compatible - silicone tableware that is almost unrestricted in use has become a must-have for moms in the parenting world and is even making its way onto the shopping lists of young professionals. In 2020, it seemed like having food-grade silicone-made straws or lunch boxes was the trendiest choice for eco-conscious individuals.

However, the market is flooded with silicone tableware with a wide range of prices, some elegant and some brightly colored. What makes these silicone tableware items different from each other?

Miniware, a brand specialized in designing non-toxic and eco-friendly silicone tableware for babies, is here to provide you with an explanation. They will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of silicone material and what truly qualifies as eco-friendly and non-toxic silicone tableware.

Benefits of Silicone Material for Children's Learning Tableware

Environmentally Friendly and Durable, with Versatile Use

Compared to other natural non-toxic children's tableware, silicone material is known for being practically 'indestructible.' Even in the world of high-turnover infant and toddler products, silicone tableware can last for at least 3 to 5 years, or even be used from babyhood to school age, showcasing its exceptional durability.

Miniware positions food-grade silicone tableware as aids for 'comfortable self-feeding for babies,' 'convenient for moms to prepare and carry food,' and 'compact and easily replaceable accessories.' Silicone has a wide range of uses, making it suitable for dishwashers, drying machines, microwaves, steam sterilization, and freezing. It's convenient for both everyday meal preparation, food storage, and feeding your baby.

A Handy Helper for Baby's Meal Learning

Soft silicone material plays the best role in being close to a baby's skin! We use silicone material to make 'Miniware Silicone Learning Spoons' and 'Silicone Cup Straws' to ensure they don't harm baby's gums, allowing them to practice self-feeding while teething. Similarly, the 'Just Roll Silicone Wide Pocket Bib' is entirely made of soft silicone, with no Velcro or hard buttons that could irritate a baby's neck skin.

Depending on the specific product function, Miniware selects silicone material with varying thicknesses. For example, the 'Just Roll Silicone Wide Pocket Bib,' which is highly praised by parents, uses thicker silicone to maintain the support of the wide pocket. The 'Silicone Learning Spoon,' designed to guide babies in self-feeding, has a thinner thickness and better flexibility, making it less prone to being bitten through by babies.

Are There Downsides to Using 'Silicone Material' Tableware?

Breathable Silicone Tableware

When you search 'silicone' on Google, you may come across keywords like 'staining,' 'sticky,' and 'odor,' which are common issues faced by all users of silicone tableware. Almost all the challenges in using silicone tableware stem from one common factor: 'Natural silicone has porous characteristics.'

Because silicone material itself has a porous nature, it tends to trap dust, crumbs, and odors more easily. If you experience issues like 'stickiness' or 'hard-to-clean,' it means that the silicone pores have trapped oil or colors. In such cases, you can effectively remove odors and surface grime by using the correct method, such as soaking the silicone in boiling water with neutral detergent or baking soda. Depending on the severity, we've also provided different levels of silicone cleaning methods at the bottom of this article. You can refer to the 'Food-Grade Silicone Material Usage Guide' in the images."

Grading of Silicone Material Miniware Chooses Truly Eco-friendly and Non-toxic Silicone Material

Safe and Biodegradable Silicone Material

Silicone has safe chemical properties, making it highly safe, non-toxic, and non-corrosive. Miniware's 100% food-grade silicone is sourced from Korea and has received FDA and LFGB safety certifications. It does not contain PVC or BPA and can naturally biodegrade, although silicone is incredibly durable and can outlast humans, taking over 100 years to decompose.

No Environmental Pollution from Incineration

Miniware's silicone is extracted from natural minerals, making it pure silicone that does not contain any toxic substances. When burned, it emits white smoke, is odorless, and non-toxic, leaving behind white ashes. Therefore, when you no longer wish to use it, you can safely dispose of it in the trash, and it can be incinerated without harming the environment.

Environmental Concerns Extend to Factory Workers' Health

In fact, there are silicone materials on the market with a slightly smoother surface that is less prone to collecting dust. So why does Miniware choose matte silicone?

Many silicone products have a layer of 'white oil' applied to their surface to make it slightly smoother and less prone to attracting dust. However, this layer of white oil may compromise the health of factory workers.

White oil has high fat solubility and volatility, and it has strong degreasing properties. It is widely used in industries such as hardware, electronics, printing, and shoemaking. Despite its widespread use, white oil is highly hazardous. It has a low flashpoint and can easily cause fires or explosions if handled improperly. In recent times, several accidents in factories have been linked to the use of white oil.

Low-toxicity white oil is also a slow killer. It can enter the human body through the respiratory tract and skin, causing eye and upper respiratory tract irritation symptoms. In high concentrations, it can lead to oxygen deficiency symptoms such as breathing difficulty and cyanosis within minutes. Prolonged exposure can result in symptoms of chronic poisoning such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and limb numbness, and severe cases can lead to fainting, loss of consciousness, or even death.

We believe that truly eco-friendly and non-toxic children's learning tableware should consider the well-being of every beautiful life on Earth. Therefore, Miniware insists on maintaining a matte texture for its silicone tableware.

If you own Miniware products and are concerned about dust collecting on your silicone tableware, whether during storage or while on the go, simply place the soft silicone tableware in a storage bag. This small step will effectively prevent dust from entering, and it can even improve the health and work environment of factory workers."